Nayaswami Uma Macfarlane is a Kriyacharya, Counselor and Raja Yoga Teacher. An astute counselor and teacher, Uma offers a number of classes on Raja Yoga at the Ananda Assisi center.
A student and teacher of yogic philosophy and spiritual science for 40 years, Uma lived for many years at Ananda Village in California, where served for a time as secretary for Swami Kriyananda.

She has taught at Ananda communities in the United States, as well in India and many parts of Europe. A native of the England, she brings wonderful wit and charming warmth to her classes as well as obvious depth of experience. She is currently serving in our Assisi, Italy retreat.

About her experiences as a teacher Uma says:
"People everywhere look for the same things in life – peace of mind, happiness, a sense of meaning and fulfillment. We may wonder if it’s possible to find these things. The teachings of yoga help us to realize that we can achieve the deepest hopes and dreams of our hearts. Using techniques we can apply in daily life, we begin to change and grow. This lifestyle teaching when applied sincerely and diligently, helps in all aspects of life--relationships, dealing with emotions, coping with change and the many ups and downs of life.
With self-awareness and understanding comes joy and peace, life changes in new and wonderful ways. It’s a privilege and an honor to share these teachings with the many hundreds of people that come here seeking and finding rest, relaxation and renewal and transformation.”

From one of her students:
“Speaking as someone with 15 years experience in education, the last 5 of these hiring teachers for an excellent college prep academy, I was quite impressed with Uma – her sparkling smile, and warmth of welcome. How someone so lovable to be with can at the same time be a very serious and conscientious teacher is a blessing to us all. She has a way of making you feel completely comfortable, yet at the same time, the knowledge and experience she shares is deep and meaningful. One can absorb her lessons and wisdom because she has a way of opening comfort zones, making students' minds think and share without any uneasy feelings.” S. E. - San Clemente, CA, USA

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