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From 03/02/2019
To 31/12/2030
Every Sunday at the Temple of Light we offer the 'Festival of Light'. For those who are unable to attend in person, it is also possible to attend via live-streaming on our Youtube Channel: Ananda Europa.
From 18/12/2022
To 18/12/2022
In 1932 Yogananda began a Christmas tradition that survives to this day: to dedicate an entire day to communing inwardly with Christ Consciousness.
From 24/12/2022
To 25/12/2022
Christmas Eve is one of the most beautiful and special moments during the Christmas period. With uplifting Christmas music, inspiring images, and an enactment of the nativity, we will celebrate together the birth of Christ. You are all invited to wear white clothes for this magical evening.
From 25/12/2022
To 25/12/2022
Join us in the joyful and inspiring music of Christmas. The Ananda choir's Christmas concert is one of the great moments of the Christmas season, a feast of sounds!
From 31/12/2022
To 01/01/2023
Celebrating the New Year at Ananda is a beautiful and unique experience, filled with deep reflection and joy. It is an opportunity to embrace your past with love, to consciously create a better and happier future, and to fully enjoy many magical moments in the here and now. 
The environment is simple, welcoming and inspiring. Our hope is that you feel at home, and that your stay is comfortable and relaxing.
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Your experience at Ananda will include lessons and practices based on the teachings of Self-realisation, and many joyful and inspiring moments.
You may make your reservation directly on this website or by phone or email.
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