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From 03/02/2019
To 31/12/2030
Every Sunday at the Temple of Light we offer the 'Festival of Light'. For those who are unable to attend in person, it is also possible to attend via live-streaming on our Youtube Channel: Ananda Europa.
From 18/02/2023
To 19/02/2023
Join us for this auspicious occasion: a blessed celebration; an entire night dedicated to Shiva in the inspiring Temple of Light! Throughout this beautifully inspiring night we will tune into the awesome presence of Shiva, calling Him into our consciousness to help us to let go, transform ourselves and be purified in body, mind and spirit.
From 07/03/2023
To 07/03/2023
Paramhansa Yogananda’s Mahasamadhi, or conscious exit from the body, was on 7 March, 1952. This anniversary is an important moment for all of his devotees; together, we will celebrate the life and the mission of the Master and ask him to guide us ever more surely toward the inner light, as he himself merged consciously with the Divine Light on the occasion of his Mahasamadhi.
The environment is simple, welcoming and inspiring. Our hope is that you feel at home, and that your stay is comfortable and relaxing.
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Your experience at Ananda will include lessons and practices based on the teachings of Self-realisation, and many joyful and inspiring moments.
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You may make your reservation directly on this website or by phone or email.
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Contact us to know more about our courses and accommodation. We are happy to help you find your fit!
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