Music has been an integral part of Peter's life since he was 10, when he started to study transverse flute. After he got the Lehrdiplom in Winterthur with Heinrich Keller, he continued to study with Raimond Meylan, Takashi Saito and Alfred Rutz and followed advanced courses with André Jaunet, PierreYves Artaud and JamesGalway. Among his musical experiences are collaborations with organist Livio Vanoni and the guitarist Aldo Martinoni, with whom he has recorded an LP, and concert performances with the quintet "Sagittario". He has also conducted for many years "Voce Asconese", a folk song choir of mixed voices.

He has thought for many years at the School of Folk Music in Locarno and at the Conservatory of Italian Switzerland, as a teacher of transverse flute, chamber music and choral conducting, activity that he is still practicing today. After many years collaborating as director of the School of Folk Music in Locarno and responsible for the section of Locarno and Valleys of the Conservatory of Italian Switzerland, he starts to train to learn how to repair wind instruments from a famous company in Berne. He then opened his own laboratory "AL CARDELLINO" in Locarno. In the last years he has researched the healing aspect of sound base on the Peter Hess® method, a methodology he has been trained for by Elisabeth Dierlich in Istituto für Klang-Massage-Therapie and participating to courses offered by Klangtherapeuten Verband KLTS- Switzerland

His training, along with many years of meditation, has raised in him the desire to share the benefits of this practice. In 2005 he opened a studio for sound treatments "IL SUONO DEL SILENZIO - SPAZIOSONORO". He then followed further training programs with Marcel Kocaman that led to the work with planetary bells. Before moving to Italy he was part of the register Klangmassagepraktiker of  Peter Hess Akademie Schweiz. After the experience with the Peter Hess® method and the Kocaman method with planetary bells, he started to follow a personal journey that brought him to offer meditative concerts using Tibetan bells, gong and flutes. The workshops he offers, where the same instruments are used, are focused on finding that inner dimension that helps to observe and face life from new prospective.
Peter has visited for more than 20 years the center of Ananda Assisi, where, after moving there, he has started conducting the choir. The spiritual journey he has followed thanks to the teachings received at Ananda has touched deeply his life and vision of the world.

Since 2015 Peter is the Director of the Choir of Ananda Assisi.

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