Is the author of the best-selling cookbook, A Taste of Joy (coming soon in English); a book that is inspiring many people to explore the world of vegetarian-yogic diet.

Mahiya first learned to cook from dynamic and creative cooks in the famous Ananda Retreat kitchen, where she served for more than fifteen years as chef and manager.

With a deep understanding of both practical, as well as nutritional and spiritual aspects of food, Mahiya is an expert in multicultural culinary arts, vegetarianism and veganism, and yogic diet. Recently, Mahiya has left the kitchen to dedicate herself to two new roles that have been entrusted to her: the first is as guide, along with her husband Arudra, of the Ashram Program: a deep and inspiring process for people who want to become residents of the Ananda Community.

The second role is as co-manager of the Retreat. Despite having many new responsibilities, Mahiya continues to dedicate herself to her passion of spreading the vegan-yogic diet in Italy and throughout the world.

She is writing new books; will soon put a blog dedicated to the vegan-yogic diet online; and, above all, is doing more cookery courses than ever! Mahiya is originally from England. She moved to Ananda Assisi in 2000, at the age of 22. She has been a kriyaban since 2001 and is an assistant minister (minister in training).

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