Nayaswami Bhajana MacDow is a native of Austria and is married to Nayaswami Kabir.  She first came to Ananda in 1999 and moved to Ananda Assisi that year. Since then, Bhajana has resided in Ananda communities in Europe, India and the U.S. Since 2002, she has shared the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, in Italy, India, Austria, the United Arab Republic, and currently in the United States.

She received her Ananda Yoga Teacher diploma in 2003. Having studied extensively with Gyandev, the founder of Ananda Yoga, she was authorized by him to create an Ananda Yoga Teacher Training program in India and to certify teachers there.

During her periods of residence at Ananda Assisi she is on the teaching staff for courses and activities in yoga, pranayama, chakras, and she also assists in the Raja Yoga Teacher Training and Life Therapy programs.

With enthusiasm, inspiration and deep love for Yogananda she shares his precious teachings on a wide variety of spiritual topics, guides silent retreats, and sometimes  participates in co-leading Ananda pilgrimages to India and Italy.

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