Swami Kriyananda's Birthday

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TYPE: Festività
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Date: From 19/05/2024 20:30 To 19/05/2024 22:00

Swami Kriyananda was born on May 19th, and this year we will celebrate his birthday with an unforgettable weekend dedicated to attunement with the Guru and with Swami himself, our Divine Friend and guide. It will be a weekend filled with inspiration and deep gratitude.

In acknowledgement of Swami Kriyananda's inspiring legacy; his constant attunement to God and Guru and his enthusiasm for living this Divine adventure, we will celebrate together the attunement of our hearts with him and with one another in Divine Friendship; the true joy of being together; the strength we receive from our unity in God and Guru, and the great blessing of being part of this inspiring and dedicated spiritual family.

If you would like to join us for this joyful event there is an all-inclusive package available (food, lodgings and programme) for the price of 90 euros, regardless of the type of room chosen.

We will shortly be sharing all the details, but for now we can tell you that there will be two very inspiring courses available! 
Until then... tune in... to joy!


Mia madre mi disse che, per tutta la gravidanza, si era sentita colma di gioia interiore. «Signore» aveva pregato ripetutamente «questo primo figlio lo dono a Te».
La sua benedizione, forse, non diede frutti così rapidamente come lei avrebbe sperato; tuttavia li diede gradualmente – si potrebbe quasi dire inesorabilmente – nel corso degli anni.
La mia, infatti, è la storia di una persona che fece del suo meglio per vivere senza Dio, ma che, grazie a Dio, fallì nel suo intento.
brano tratto da Il nuovo Sentiero di Swami Kriyananda

Una serata di storie e canti con Peter, Lakshmi e le Bramacharini di Ananda per festeggiare la venuta al mondo di Swami Kriyananda e la sua vita dedicata completamente alla diffusione  dell'opera del suo Maestro.


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