Yogananda's Birthday Celebration

Code: EV0001104
TYPE: Festività
Suitable for: discepoli,kriyaban,tutti,
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Date: From 05/01/2023 20:30 To 05/01/2023 22:00
DURATA: 1,5 h
Paramhansa Yogananda had a world mission: to inspire all souls with love for God and to share the teachings and practices of Kriya yoga. He was sent to the West by Babaji to teach this technique which can bring us the direct inner experience of God’s presence.

Whether you are a disciple of Yogananda, or have only recently discovered who he is, this will be an inspiring, uplifting, and joyful event of celebration.

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Course offered in Italian only. For information, see our Italian site.

The path of Self-realization, introduced to the world by Paramhansa Yogananda, has the power to meet the needs of humanity in this new age and to prepare us for the great changes we are facing in these times of equally great challenges and opportunities for growth. In this week, we will tune in to Yogananda and explore his transformative teachings. It also includes the celebration of Yogananda's birthday on January 5.
The environment is simple, welcoming and inspiring. Our hope is that you feel at home, and that your stay is comfortable and relaxing.
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Your experience at Ananda will include lessons and practices based on the teachings of Self-realisation, and many joyful and inspiring moments.
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