Service is Joy - Level 1

Code: KC0002973
Duration: 2 WEEKS
Teacher: Namasya / Sanjaya
No matter your age, where you come from or what your religion is, what matters is that you want to genuinely experience a simple way of life combined with lofty ideals! Check out all the periods in which the program is offered below!


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This two-level program was created specifically for those who want to experience "living" Ananda.

The lifestyle at Ananda is based on meditation and service. This combination makes the community experience a true path to spiritual growth, giving you the chance to work on your strengths and limitations, and find joy and harmony every day of your life. What is Karma Yoga? We can define it as "dedicating your daily work, including thoughts and activities, as a spiritual offering to the Divine."

One of the basic principles for success in the practice of karma yoga is to realize that it is not so important what you do, but how you do it. In fact, any work can be of spiritual benefit, bringing us personal growth and joy, if it's done with the right attitude.

Namasya and Sanjaya, the teachers of this course, will help you to develop, in a practical way, the right approach towards work, colleagues, family and all aspects of spiritual life. In addition to Karma Yoga, living in this spiritually uplifting environment, you can learn and put into practice the other main paths of yoga:

Raja Yoga—the path of Self-realization —through the daily practice of meditation, Ananda Yoga, and the Energization Exercises created by Paramhansa Yogananda;

Gyana Yoga—the path of wisdom, achieved through the practice of discrimination and self-awareness, taught during lessons and moments of group sharing;

Bhakti Yoga —the path of devotion —through chanting and practicing the presence of God in daily actions.

There will also be lessons and group sharing on subjects of mutual interest. In addition, four days a week you will begin your day with a satsang, (a joyful and inspiring informal meeting) with your coordinators. Additional meetings may be scheduled according to the needs of the group.

The lessons will be fun and practical! This combination of practices, lessons, and satsangs will help you joyfully to experience the principle behind these inspiring words by Yogananda: "Life should be understood primarily as service."

Service is Joy - Level 1
Useful information

Requirements for participating in the program:

Everyone is welcome to participate in this course, but it is fair to inform you that “Service is Joy” is a very involved and challenging program! Please include your phone number on the registration form, and you will be contacted by Durgadas or Namasya, coordinators of the program. They will explain the guidelines of the program, and will answer your questions. They can help you to determine if this course, which focuses deeply on the practice of the presence of God through service, is right for you. Otherwise, they can suggest other courses that could be more useful to your personal and spiritual growth.

Where will you serve?

Your practice will be centered mostly in the kitchen, helping with meal preparation and / or in cleaning the kitchen. You could also help prepare the guest rooms or serve in the garden. If you have special skills as a translator, using computers (graphics), or in the field of maintenance, you may carry out a part of your service specifically that area (you can include these skills in your application form).

How will you serve?

This program includes 4 hours per day of karma yoga, distributed over 5 and a half days, for a total of 22 hours of service per week.

The first time you sign up for “Service is Joy Level 1”, the minimum period is 2 weeks and the maximum is 3 months, depending on a monthly evaluation of the program coordinators. After that, you can book for shorter periods, of 5 days or more.

The lessons and meditations are an essential part of the program, and participation in these activities is obligatory. During holidays or special events, your daily or weekly schedule may vary.

Schedule of activities

Wednesday's schedule is special, because it is dedicated to a group work day:

7:00-8:45 Meditation in the Temple of Light
8:50-9:30 Breakfast with your coordinators
9:30-13:00 Special karma yoga project with coordinators
13:00-13:30 Meditation
13:30-14:30 Lunch with the coordinators
16:30-19: 00 Energization Exercises, Ananda Yoga and meditation together
19.00-19:30 Sharing the day's experiences

Every other Saturday there will be a pilgrimage to the shrines of St. Francis.

The following is your approximate routine during the other days of the week; remember you will have a day and a half free of service.





6:00 – 7:00 (optional)

Energization and Ananda Yoga

Certain mornings (see weekly guest program)

7:00 – 8:45

Long meditation, or lesson for beginners in the temple.

Every day

8:45 – 9:15


Every day

9:20 – 10:00

Group meeting and sharing

Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday

10:00 – 13:00

Period of karma yoga


13:00 – 13:30


Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday

13:30 – 14:30


Every day

14:30 – 17:30

Period of karma yoga


16:15 – 17:30 (optional)

Ananda Yoga

Every day except Friday and Sunday

17:30 – 19:30

Energization, yoga, and guided brief meditation

Friday and Sunday


17:45 – 19:30

Long meditation or lessons for beginners in the practices, in the temple

All other days of the week

19:30 – 20:00


Every day

20:00 – 21:30

Period of karma yoga


20:30 – 21:30

Film or kirtan

Every other Saturday