Sahaja Ellero has been living at Ananda for over 20 years. She is an Ananda minister and a certified Raja Yoga and Ananda Yoga teacher. She regularly gives seminars and conferences in Italy and abroad on Yogananda’s teachings, especially those related to spiritual psychology.

After devoting herself for many years to translating Yogandanda’s and Swami Kriyananda’s books, she was encouraged by Swami Kriyananda to also serve as spiritual counsellor for guests and community residents.

She is part of the team of teachers, counsellors and therapists of the Life Therapy School and of the Ananda Life-Therapy Center; and is specialized in Yogananda’s techniques for identifying and transforming limiting thought-forms and habits.

Sahaja loves to share with others the teachings and experiences that have transformed her life; she is appreciated for her enthusiasm, her intuitive understanding of people, and her ability to help others find practical solutions.

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