Long Christmas Meditation

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TYPE: Festività
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Date: From 18/12/2022 09:00 To 18/12/2022 17:00
DURATA: 8 hours
In 1932 Yogananda began a Christmas tradition that survives to this day: to dedicate an entire day to communing inwardly with Christ Consciousness. This meditation is held each year in each one of Yogananda’s centres around the world, and is observed here at Ananda Assisi on the Sunday before Christmas.

The meditation is led by Arudra and Jayadev together with Nayaswami Anand and Kirtani. Periods of meditation are interspersed with chanting and readings. The hours fly by, with everyone focused on seeing the light of Christ Consciousness. As He promised: 'Where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them.'

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This course is only in Italian. For information see our Italian site.

With the long Christmas meditation, a tradition begun by Yogananda.

In this weekend we will seek to attune ourselves to Christ, both as the little child who opens our hearts and awakens our devotion and as the formless Christ Consciousness dwelling ever within us. The traditional 8-hour Christmas meditation will be a beautiful and inspiring way to prepare ourselves to fully receive the blessings of the Nativity.

This course is offered in Italian only. For information, see our Italian website.
This course is offered in Italian only. For information, see our Italian website.
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