Course: RESIDENTIAL COURSE: Oh God Beautiful!

Edition - From 13/08/2021 To 15/08/2021
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Code: KE08253
Duration: 2 Days

SUBSCRIPTIONS DEADLINE: 13/08/2021 17:00:39
Discover the Divine Path of Beauty. Celebrate the mid-August holiday with this very special course offered by world-renowned spiritual artist Dana Lynne Andersen.


The great Indian Saint Paramhansa Yogananda (Author of Autobiography of a Yogi) chanted ‘Oh God Beautiful’ at Carnegie Hall in April of 1926. Warned before he went onstage that the Americans would not appreciate very much of this Indian Kirtan, the audience was enraptured for over two hours! The words of the chant reveal that the Divine presence is indeed found in all things beautiful.  

In this unique course, you’ll learn about the importance of beauty on the spiritual path and how beauty itself is a means of awakening.  You’ll learn how to bring beauty into everyday life including the devotional practice of making beautiful altars. 

As we dive into the chant ‘Oh God Beautiful’ you will feel the transporting power of beauty as a quality of the Divine.

O God Beautiful*

O God Beautiful; O God Beautiful; At Thy feet, oh, I do bow.

In the forest  Thou art green;
In the mountain  Thou art high;
In the river  Thou art restless;
In the ocean  Thou art grave.

O God Beautiful; O God Beautiful! At Thy feet, oh, I do bow!

To the serviceful  Thou art service;
To the lover  Thou art love;
To the sorrowful  Thou art sympathy;
To the yogi  Thou art bliss.

*The original chant was written by the 15th century Sikh Guru Nanak. The melody and English translation are from Yogananda.

The total price of your all-inclusive stay is 216 euros per person (108 euros per day)* if you are in a single room or 160 euros per person (80 euros per day)* in a double room, shared only if you indicate whom you wish to share with.

We have prepared for you a little guide that you can download and that will help us to welcome you in the best way. You can find it in the MATERIALI section.

* Price of membership card not included

Your teacher:

Dana Lynne Andersen is known in the United States and in India as one of the foremost spiritual artists of our times. She has distinguished herself in the realms of painting, writing and playwriting, book illustration, and as an advocate for ‘Joyful Arts’. Her paintings have been exhibited on three continents, and some have been chosen by Swami Kriyananda as covers for his book. She is the founder of “Awakening Arts Academy” – a center of Art, Creativity & Consciousness just across the street from Ananda. 

Dana received her bachelor’s degree cum laude in philosophy, and her Master’s Degree in the Study of Consciousness from John F. Kennedy University. She is known as a loving and inspiring teacher.


17:30 – 19:30 Spiritual Practices
19:30 Dinner
20:30 Orientation

7:00-8:45 Morning spiritual practices
8:45 Breakfast in silence
10:30-13:30 Morning lesson
13:30 Lunch
16:00 - 17:30 Afternoon workshop
17:45-19:30 Energization and meditation or lesson in the spiritual practices
19:30 Dinner in silence
20:30-22:00 Evening program

7:00-8:45 Morning spiritual practices
8:45 Breakfast
10:00- 11:15 Morning lesson
11:30 Sunday satsang and Festival of Light
13:30 Lunch



The price of the all-inclusive stay per person is 216 euros (108 euros per day)* in a single room and 160 euros (80 euros per day)* in a double room, shared only with those you indicate. 

We will offer you:
- full board on the evening of arrival to lunch on the day of departure
- all meditations and guided sadhana
- Ananda Yoga classes
- the course and materials (if any)
- the essentials for your practice: meditation cushions, yoga mats, Aum-board
- kirtan and other evening programs

* Membership card excluded

Accommodation: information and prices

To facilitate your booking, you can calculate the total price of your stay (including the course price) with this simple calculator:

Cost table

Attention: During the Covid-19 period the prices below are no longer applicable. The correct all-inclusive price for each course can be found on its individual page.


Single room with bathroom € 72.00
Single without bathroom € 61.00
Double room with bathroom €  56.00
Double without bathroom €  48.00
Triple room with bathroom €  48.00
Triple without bathroom €  41.00
Dormitory (4-5 beds) €  36.00

Note: To the price of lodging and food, you have to add the price of the seminar, that includes all activities: Energization Exercises Lessons, yoga and meditation and evening activities (on most evenings).

Payments can be made in cash, by Eurocheck, credit card (MasterCard and Visa), Bancomat. We can’t accept cash over 1000.00 euros.


Next time you come to Ananda, sign up for the program Yoga in Action to get a taste of community service and receive a discount on the cost of the course. You can choose the option Yoga in Action for any course where this program is available and you can continue with this option as long as you wish. Your service project might change each day.

When we learn to serve with the right attitude, this is a spiritual practice and is called Karma Yoga. The daily practice of Karma Yoga is a joyful and practical spiritual discipline that will benefit every aspect of your life.

At Ananda, there are two levels of the Yoga in Action option:

Yoga in Action Level 1

75€/course of 5 days

With Level 1, you will serve for a period of one and a half hours. This experience gives you a chance to contribute to the beautiful atmosphere of Ananda.

Yoga in Action Level 2

35€/course of 5 days

Yoga in Action Level 2 is only available if you have had prior experience of the Yoga in Action Level 1 option, or any of the Community Living Programs. With Level 2, you will serve for a period of three hours, split into two periods of daily service.

How to Register for This Program

In the page of the course you want to participate to, you will find, if available, the special price of the course with Yoga in action level 1 and 2. When you sign-up on the website or call or write us to book the course, just indicate that you wish to participate to the Yoga in Action Level 1 or 2 program. It’s that easy. Once you arrive at Ananda you will need also to complete a Yoga in Action Form and return it to our reception office.

How to book

You may make your reservation directly here on the website or by phone (+39 0742 813620) or email ( Your booking needs to be confirmed by our reception office. For courses held online, there is no need to indicate the details of your stay (date of arrival, departure…).

For courses held at our center in Assisi, please indicate your arrival and departure dates and times, the program you wish to attend, your preferred accommodation, your address, phone and email. If you need to modify your reservation, please inform us at least one week in advance.

Our reception office is open from:
Monday to Saturday 9:30-1:30pm, 2:30-5:30pm
Sunday 9:30-11:30am, 2:30-5:30pm

For on-site courses, the programmes start on the evening of the day indicated.
If you cannot arrive during office hours, please let us know in advance.

Please contact us to check what translations are available. Courses, both on-site and online, may be cancelled if there are fewer than five participants.

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